What is the Look? The Look is everything!

Do you highlight your hair, but don't like how it grows out or how often you have to come to the salon to get it done? Does the idea of going to the salon only 3-5 times per year sound amazing? Does having gorgeous, natural looking hair with dimension sound like something you need in your life? If you said "Yes" to any of these questions, then THE LOOK is for you!

THE LOOK is the perfect low maintenance option for the babe on the go who wants stunning color all year long. THE LOOK uses a natural hair coloring method to create gorgeous, sun-kissed hair that grows out like a dream. THE LOOK isn't just for blondes, it's for everyone who wants gorgeous dimensional color. 💇🏻‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️

Every THE LOOK service includes Olaplex #1 to keep your hair feeling amazing, a Smudge & Tone to even further customize your style, a Mini Olaplex #2 Treatment, and a Mini Photo Shoot at the end! 📸

Click here to see some examples of THE LOOK


  • The Full - $200+

This service combines a full highlight with a full balayage to create a completely customized look depending on your goals. This service is your foundation, it's the most investment of time and money, but after that it's easy to maintain. This service needs to be done only 1-3 times per year, depending on your goals.


  • The Maintenance - $165+

This service is great for in between The Full. Let's say you did a The Full in February, but you want to be brighter in the summer. I will use a hybrid of foils and balayage to create your new, brighter look. Most of the time you just need a little something to get back to yourself again! This is completely customized to you, depending on your goals.


  • The Refresh - $110+

This is a great service for when you just want a pop around your face and to freshen up your color with a toner. Sometimes some warmth can creep in, or we need to be brighter. This service includes Face Framing Foils and Smudge and Tone. This is also great for those new to color to give a little pop of dimension!


  • The Smudge and Tone- $80

A Smudge is when you deepen the tones at the root, this helps to blend the roots when it grows out. Most of the time when you lighten hair you reveal unwanted pigments, think blorange, brassy, etc., this is where a Toner comes in. It helps to correct, neutralize, or enhance the color that we see. Toners fade out after a few months, this service is great for a refresh when you need it. 




  • THE SPARKLE - Surface Hand Painting - $85+

This is a great service for someone new to color, or if you just need a pop. I take the surface hair off your part that you see when your hair is down, think the top layer, and I lighten those pieces to create dimension with a pop of color. This services includes Olaplex #1 to keep your hair feeling amazing, Toner, Mini Olaplex #2 Treatment, and a Mini Photo Shoot at the end! 📸

  •  All Over Color - $85+

This service includes coloring the hair from roots to ends

  • Root Retouch - $65+

This service includes coloring your roots

  • Toner - $40+

When you need a toner to brighten your hair or add pigment back into it. This does not include a blow dry, it would be $30 to add a Blow Dry




  • Women's Haircut - $55
  • Flat Iron and/or Curling Iron with Service - $10-20

Haircuts include shampoo, conditioning, and a basic blow-dry. Flat/Curling Iron prices are determined by the amount of hair and time to complete.




  • The Olaplex - $55

Olaplex is a 3 part process. Step #1 rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair. Step #2 continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible. Step #3 gives you lasting protection by providing continuous protection from ongoing damage at home. This service includes Step #1 and #2, and a Blow-out. Step #3 is available here

  • The Revitalizer - $20

A powerful combination of amino acids that rebuilds and re-fortifies stressed strands, returning hair to its former glory in a single application. A perfect choice for hair – of any texture, length, or thickness–that has become damaged, dry, and dull, thanks to relentless exposure to thermal styling tools, chemical processes, or a harsh environment. 

  • The Hydrator - $20

There is dry hair… and there is hair that’s so parched, so thirsty, so starved for moisture that only a serious drink could bring it back to life. Intense Hydrator is the cocktail of choice: a profoundly nourishing treatment (at a gentle 3.5 PH level), offering immediate hydration to hair that’s gasping for air. 

  • The Mini Olaplex - $10

Complete internal reparative treatment for strong, shiny and healthy hair. Builds and cross-links broken disulfide bonds. Reduces porosity of the hair and increases hair elasticity. 




* Prices a subject to change. My Online Booking site always has the current prices listed.