Invest in your hair, itโ€™s the crown you never take off
— Unknown

You are taking time out of your day to invest in your hair, I want you to feel like a queen while you are with me and when you leave! ๐Ÿ‘‘ All Services include a Scalp Massage with essential oils, plus a Blow Out and Style. All Color and Lightening Services include a Porosity Spray, which ensures even color absorption, and a Leave-In Treatment that will help seal the cuticle, fight frizz, and add nourishment and strength.

Lightening Services include Olaplex in each bowl of lightener to keep your hair in the best condition possible, a Custom Formulated All Over Color & a Mini Olaplex Treatment. โœจ

Education Time! ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿซ Please read if you are getting Lightened! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

When hair is lightened it goes through 8 stages of lift: Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Orange-Gold, Gold, Gold-Yellow, Yellow, and then finally, Pale Yellow. Sometimes hair can go past Pale Yellow to White and that is BAD! ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ When it is White it is damaged, it lacks protein, it does not have any pigment left, and it is highly porous, which means it holds water and does NOT hold on to color. Darker hair takes longer to get through the stages of lift and lighter hair does not take as long, because it doesnโ€™t have as much pigment to get through.

This is why it may take multiple sessions to get to your goal. I always aim for the color of the inside of a banana ๐ŸŒ for Blondes, that way when the color fades you will be left with a beautiful yellow tone that you can correct at home. I try to get all of my Brunettes past the Orange ๐ŸŠ stage, when you are in the more Golden โšœ๏ธ range it is easier to correct at home. This is why all Lightening services include an All Over Color, I will either enhance the color or correct it depending on how your hair lifted and your goals.

I use a demi-permanent color which fades on tone, doesnโ€™t lift the hair, locks in moisture and protects the condition of the hair while improving shine. Typically, a demi-permanent will last 8-15 shampoos and slowly fade depending on how often you wash your hair, what products you use, your water, minerals, chlorine, etc. This is why is it so important to use Salon Grade Color Safe and Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner, only wash your hair 1-2x a week, and use the right products to maintain your look at home. 



  • The Full - $300+

This service is a completely customized look depending on your goals. If you typically get a full highlight, if you like to be SUPER blonde everywhere, or if you are going from dark to light, this is the service for you. The Full is your foundational color service. It is the most investment of time and money, but after that, it is easy to maintain. This service typically needs to be done only 1-3 times per year, depending on your goals.

  • The Maintenance - $225+

This service is a completely customized look depending on your goals. If you typically get a partial highlight, if you like to be super light around your face and hairline but do not mind depth in your hair underneath, or if you are looking for more dimension and brighteness, this is the service for you.

  • The Refresh - $190+

This service is a completely customized look depending on your goals. This is typically a hand painted look, which adds a pop to the hair without much maintenance. This is great for anyone looking for a subtle, sun-kissed look, especially brunettes. This service is great for those new to color, if you need a little dimension added back in, and if you don't mind warm tones.



  • The Reverse Balayage - $145+

This service is a completely customized look depending on your goals. This is great for when you need to add depth back into your hair, and for when you want to go darker. This is not a lightening service but a service that will shift the tones of your hair. I will use multiple formula's to give you a custom look, by enhancing your lighter pieces while adding in depth at the same time. Sometimes as blondes and brunettes we can lose dimension by getting too light everywhere, this will add depth and dimension back into your hair.

  • The 3Tโ€™s - $145+

The 3Tโ€™s are Tone, Treat & Trim, you will get an All Over Custom Color, The Color Bomb Treatment, and a Hair Dusting. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SERVICE! This will help to extend your color, treat your hair with The Color Bomb (scroll down to read more), and keep your ends looking fresh!

  • The 3Tโ€™s + A Smudge - $160+

This includes everything in The 3Tโ€™s service above plus a Smudge at the roots, to blend away highlights, blend your roots, blend grays, etc. If you have questions about which service you need, please contact me below.

  • The Smudge and Tone - $105+

This service includes two different formulas. The first one is for your roots to blend away highlights, blend your roots, blend grays, etc. The Second formula is for the mid-shaft to ends, aka the rest of your hair. This is a great service to freshen up your color in-between visits!

  • All Over Color - $80+

This service includes coloring the hair from roots to ends, whether you need to go darker or tone your hair, this is for you.

  • Root Retouch - $75+

This service includes coloring your roots, 1 inch or less.

  • Unicorn Hair & Color Correction Services - $120 an hour

Due to the complex nature of Unicorn Hair I charge by the hour for these services. I use premium products, there are normally multiple steps involved, I use Olaplex in every bowl, there is more science as well as knowledge that goes into these services versus Lightening or Color Services. My pricing system is based off time + product, if I estimate that a service will take over 4 hours, then it will be considered a Color Correction and it will be charged hourly.


All color services are a starting price. The final cost is determined by how much product was used.
All of my services include the average amount of product used for each service. 




  • Women's Haircut - $65

All Women's Cuts are the same price regardless of the length of hair, or amount cut off. 

  • Flat Iron and/or Curling Iron with Service - $10-20

Flat/Curling Iron prices are determined by the amount of hair and time to complete.



All Treatments include a Scalp Massage with relaxing essential oils. ๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ


  • The Color Bomb - $30

This Treatment adds a Bond Builder (I use Olaplex) to your color formula to give your hair pampering while your color processes! It will help give your color longevity while adding vibrancy, shine, and softness to your hair. I HIGHLY suggest it for ALL blondes and anyone with damaged hair.

This service includes a Mini Olaplex Treatment.

PS. I always include a Bond Builder in all of my Lightening Services. It dramatically reduces breakage and helps prevent damage, improving the overall integrity of the hair. This service is a great add on for ADDITIONAL benefits, it has changed my hair dramatically. I had a client that I was going to have to cut 2 inches off, and we only cut less than an inch after the Color Bomb!

  • The Hydration Mask - $20

The Hydration Mask repairs and smoothes while delivering hydration and moisture to your dry hair. Its unique formulation features vitamin-charged microcapsules that explode upon contact to deliver hydration and moisture, leaving the hair deeply conditioned from root to tip. Not only does it help restore, repair and smooth your hair, but also increases elasticity and bounce.

  • The Mini Olaplex - $10

Need a little something, something for your hair, but donโ€™t quite need The Hydration Mask? The Mini Olaplex is a complete internal reparative treatment for strong, shiny and healthy hair. It repairs broken bonds in your hair, reduces the porosity, and increases elasticity. 



* Prices a subject to change. My Online Booking site always has the current prices listed.


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