I am so happy that you want to model for me! I am taking classes all the time and I want to try new techniques and products out.

By booking a Model Call Appointment you agree to the following:

  1. Model Call Services are 2 hours and a flat rate of $120.

  2. You are agreeing to let me have full creative control with your hair.

  3. Being that I am trying new techniques and products your hair may not turn out exactly as planned.

  4. You understand that if you do not like your hair you can not get a refund or complimentary fix like my regular Client Policy. If you would like me to adjust it you will need to book another appointment and pay full price.

  5. I treat my clients like Queen’s by including premium products and steps into my services, these do not apply to Model Call Services as I have limited time.

That is all you need to agree to in order to Model for me! That being said my Hair Plan’s always aim for the most gorgeous color for you, but sometimes science screws up those plans. This is why I am doing Model Call appointments to test them out!

I can not wait to do your hair!